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Simultaneous interpreting is used primarily for conferences, congresses, symposia and workshops. This form of interpreting takes place in real time and can be done in multiple languages concurrently. It enables uninterrupted proceedings and facilitates natural flow between the presenter and their audience. Simultaneous interpreting is generally carried out with the help of interpreting equipment, where interpreters work inside interpreting booths and participants listen to the desired language on their audio receivers. Simultaneous interpreting can also be used in less formal settings where interpreting booths are not available. This is done with the help of whispering equipment, which is provided and operated by the interpreter. When interpreting for a single client, an interpreter may also interpret simultaneously by simply whispering. Although very economical, this solution can be distracting for other participants, and should therefore be used sparingly. Simultaneous interpreting requires that each language be interpreted by two interpreters, who alternate every 20 minutes.

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